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Membership Terms

People wishing to make purchases of our products from time to time do not need to register for membership of TeachThis.

By registering for membership of TeachThis you agree to these Terms of Use.

Individuals can register for annual Membership of TeachThis. Annual Membership provides access to all TeachThis resources under a single user license within the following conditions:

The annual membership fee will be published on our website from time to time and may be amended at the beginning of each financial year.

No part of the membership fee will be refunded. The membership fee is payable for unlimited downloads for any period of time up to one year in duration.



Your membership will expire on the day before the first anniversary of the date that you became a member, unless you renew your membership. Renewal reminders will be sent to you prior to the expiry of your membership. If your membership expires without renewal, your membership area access will stop working.

If you share your login details or otherwise breach these Terms of Use you may forfeit your membership and all monies paid, at our discretion.

If we believe that you have breached these Terms of Use we will provide you with one warning that you have breached our agreement and let you know that if you do it again your membership will be cancelled. After the first warning we reserve the right to cancel your membership at anytime if we believe that you have again breached any of these Terms of Use.  



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